[plug] Disappearing email...

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Mon Apr 19 08:13:28 WST 1999

> I figured out the problem was that my mailer was stamping the "From:" 
> field to be "campbell at torque.net" when I am subscribe as 
> "campbell at gear.torque.net".
> *sigh* Just a twist in the email headers....

A well-crafted sendmail will fix that. I can (and sometimes do) set from: 
to emu.os2.ami.com.au or possum.os2.ami.com.au, both of which you can't 
mail to though they're fine here. on the way out, sendmail fixes them.
John Summerfield
http://os2.ami.com.au/os2/ for OS/2 support.
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