[plug] Re: WinE and cheese night, etc

cthart at gbs.com.au cthart at gbs.com.au
Tue Apr 20 08:29:15 WST 1999

Bret wrote, in part:

> An article in the section, states that
> Apache accounts for 54% of Web servers, Microsoft for 23%, Netscape for
> and others for 19%.

It's actually gotten higher since that article was written -- now 56, 23, 7
and 14 respectively.

If you look at the official survey site, http://www.netcraft.com/
you'll notice that Microsoft's share has peaked -- it's been at between 22
and 23% for well
over a year now, while Apache's stranglehold just continues to rise.

It's good to see good software being rewarded with market presence.



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