[plug] Dis'd email & PLUG is the BEST list

Christian christian at global.net.au
Tue Apr 20 11:13:04 WST 1999

Tamara Thompson wrote:
> <laughing>  okay, you are the best, but
> you are a *tough* group.  <grins>

That's what makes us the best. :P

> Hey, in my intro to unix presentation the other
> day, I couldn't answer this smoothly:
> what is the difference between rlogin and
> telnet?

Well, they're different protocols. :)  TELNET tends to be the more
standard of the two whereas rlogin (and the other r-services) tend to be
Unix-specific.  I think Telnet is also the simpler of the two since it's
often used for interactively opening a TCP connection to some non-telnet
port and directly interacting with the server listening there.

Someone who knows more about it can probably give you better details.



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