[plug] Permanent positions for Unix/Linux people in Perth

Ralph Billes echo at opera.iinet.net.au
Wed Apr 21 11:35:15 WST 1999

I should also have added C programming skills for the programming positions.
Basically they are C/Unix programmer jobs using Linux, SCO and Solaris with
other interesting things like WWW/CGI, networking, telephony, Internet/Intranet,
databases and so on.

Cheers, Ralph.

Ralph Billes wrote:
> For anyone interested there are several positions available at Telequity Pty Ltd
> as advertised in Saturday's West Australian.
> Look at the advert for more details, but briefly the positions are:
> Senior Programmer in the Telecommuncations area with Unix/Linux skills.
> Junior Programmer/PC Support in the Telecommuncations area with Unix/Linux
> skills.
> Database System Manager with Unix and Oracle skills.
> Salaries/Conditions are negotiable.
> Application forms are available at Telequity (08 9261 1000) or email your CV
> to reception at telequity.com.au.
> The best contact for further information is the General Manager at Telequity.

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