[plug] RedHat 5.2, Xwindows and a Intel740 AGP graphics card

Rob Potter potter at central.murdoch.edu.au
Tue Apr 27 15:50:20 WST 1999


Try downloading Xfree86 3.3.3 - you can get it from Red Hat's web site.
The normal 5.2 installation didn't recognise my Matrox G200, but with the
upgrade it works a dream.  If you can't find them, get back to me 'cos I
think I still have the rpm's on my hard disk.



At 03:03  27/04/99 +0800, you wrote:
>Can anyone provide any suggestions on how to get XWindows working with the
>above video card.  It is saying it cannot start the XWindows server.
>XWindows was working fine with SVGA XFree86 server on a previous PCI card.
>What server should I use?  Anyone else had AGP graphics card issues they
>could share?
>Mark Wagenaar (Linux Novice)

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