[plug] Chat, Kernel config and Slink

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> Hello Members
> I have three questions I an seeking answers for:
> One: Where can I find the source code to the chat program what is used
> with pppd?
> I found a program with the same name but it was for console to console
> user keyboard chating, I want the one that controls the modem.

Don't know about this one. What's the use/application ?

> Two: What is the name and where is it located for the config file that
> is generated by the 'make menuconfig' process? An I correct in thinking
> that if I backed up this file I could rebuild the kernal as it was
> should a full reload be performed?

make xconfig gives you the option to save the kernal configuration as a file
for later use. Very useful. Don't know if this is available under menuconfig

> Three: I wish to upgrade/ change my system from Caldera 1.3 to Debian
> Slink or better. I am seeking copies of the relivent CD(s), can a member
> assist me with copies?
what about Caldera 2.2.

I have some copies of Debian 2.1 available if you want to burn a copy/borrow
for a while. Otherwise you can probably get a copy from Gary Allpike (on
this list). I think he still has some copies he burnt when it was first
asked on the list. Mail me privately if you want to organise to get copies.

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