[plug] Q3aTest for linux...

Trevor Phillips phillips at central.murdoch.edu.au
Sun May 2 02:22:00 WST 1999

Gavin Tweedie wrote:
> Should have mentioned this in the previous email but we also have a local
> copy of the q3atest tar.gz available at:
> ftp://ftp.axg.net/linux/quake3/q3test-1.03-glibc-6.i386.tar.gz
> Hopefully should be a fair bit faster for you pluggers to download from
> there. (It's a ~21meg download and does require a 3dfx card...but worth
> it!)

Yes, but is there a local server yet?? *SIGH*
Just had a 12 hour Lan Bash, and mine was the only PC with Linux and a
3dfx, so I STILL haven't got a good game of Q3Atest in yet... (Had some
great Brood War and TFC matches under Windoze tho.)

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