[plug] What do you school-age members think of SlashDot'sHellMouth articles?

Tamara Thompson thompson at gate.sunquest.com
Tue May 4 01:25:07 WST 1999

My father, who is in his 60's, was raised with guns.  Of course, he was also free to roam the woods and was not stuck in the city, didn't grow up on television and media stress.

I still don't think the guns are the problem.  They are just tools, to be used or misused.  It's very tres-chic liberal bunny hugger to blame the guns.   

Also, it would be nearly impossible to remove guns from American society.  It's actually part of our constitution that an individual has a right them.  So since it's not likely that guns will be banned, or unavailable to kids, maybe better to approach the problem from another angle.  

Maybe simple stress management training.  Maybe cultural awareness and responsibility.  Most Americans don't particularly value education.  Most feel that if a kid goes off, it's not *our* issue, it's the family's.  I look around today and notice that it's easy to spot troubled kids when they are as young as 6 or 7.  It's harder to devote time and energy to prevent future problems.  


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