[plug] Linux and Star Office

Rob Hall rhall at echidna.stu.cowan.edu.au
Wed May 5 09:01:08 WST 1999

SO501 works fine as a browser for me, in fact I really like its browsing
capabilities.  Haven't a clue why yours would shut down.  I have mine set up
to point to my squid cache, if that makes any difference.

I run it on my windoze partition also and don't have any of these problems.
I can only assume from this that the Linux port is somewhat inferior to the
windoze one.  I haven't found the linux port to be stable at all.


Rob Hall
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> Speaking of star office (but not dates). Has anyone ever gotten it
> configured for mail and browsing? Every time I try it just shuts down.
> Completely disappears and I have to restart it.

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