[plug] Linux and Star Office

russ russ at powerstech.com
Thu May 6 23:04:18 WST 1999

Bret Busby wrote:
> But, I can get the browser to work, and the email, but I don't know
> what I have done, that Rob and Russ, who can't get them to run,
> haven't.

It seems to have settled down for me. I found that I had a typo in my
email address when I registered. I changed it and re-registered and it
hasn't crashed on me since. The only problem I have now is that I
can't set a different user name for sending and receiving email. I'd
suspect there's a way since the other mailers I've used have supported
that feature.

I must say I don't use it for much more then simple docs and reading
msword files emailed to me.

>From memory, Star Office 5 for Linux needs about 230MB of disk space. 
>It took us a few attempts, to install it. The RAM aspect has already 
>been mentioned. 

It is pretty large, but what are the alternatives?

>The printer problem has already been raised (I still 
>don't know how to get it to print to the DeskJet, but will have to try 
>something with GhostScript - my boss (!) said that we have to go into 
>the packages part of RH, to configure it, before it will operate; 
>apparently RH doesn't actually instal some packages for use, at 
>installation of RH, it just copies them onto the system, for 
>configuration and setup, before use). It can sometimes be a sod of a 

It does sounds like something external to Star Office. I've never even
looked at the printer config in Star Office.

>thing to run. It doesn't run very well, when the browser is open, and 
>Netscape is open at the same time, and I try to open a site that I 
>couldn't open with Netscape. But, that may just be a need for more 

I have 64MB and it still certainly doesn't to like netscape much. :^ )


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