[plug] inetd

Matt Kemner zombie at networx.net.au
Wed May 5 15:43:19 WST 1999

On Wed, 5 May 1999, Rob Hall wrote:

> That was my thoughts, but if I remove hosts.allow and hosts.deny all works
> fine. 

Are you sure?  It just doesn't sound like a tcpwrapper problem
For starters, tcpwrappers have nothing to do with ping, so I'd be very
surprised if ping started working when you removed hosts.{allow,deny}

> I did have a firewall installed, but removed it to trace what was
> causing this.  I have temporarily set the default policy as masquerade at
> boot up.

You mean you're masquerading _everything_? that doesn't sound like a good
idea at all.

Better would be to run:

ipfwadm -F -a accept -m -W ppp0 -S

(assuming kernel 2.0.X)

and set your default policy back to accept.

That rule only masquerades packets going OUT
over your ppp0 with source address of
you really don't want to masq packets coming in over your ppp link.

> Ping just sits there until I cancel it.  Telnet says "unable to establish a
> connection" or something similar.

Again, not symptons of tcpwrappers.  As I said before, ping isn't affected
by tcpwrappers because it's handled by the kernel, and if you were being
denied by tcpwrappers you'd find your Telnet would say "Connected to ..."
followed by a blank line, and then telnet would exit.

> Can't find any rejections here.

You should see something in one of the /var/log/* files if tcpwrappers are
denying you access, unless you've set up your /etc/syslog.conf in a really
weird way. :)

 - Matt

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