[plug] Linux and Star Office

Rob Potter potter at central.murdoch.edu.au
Wed May 5 17:11:07 WST 1999

Hi Brett

>What I would like to know, now, apart from everything else, is whether 
>it will print on anything other than postscript printers, and, if so, 
>how do we get it to so do?

I've made StarOffice print to my Epson 600 just by picking an Epson
postscript printer.  I wasn't doing any colour stuff, but it came out OK
for text.

My problem is similar to Russ - whenever I send or try to collect mail I
freeze the entire programme, my CPU usage keeps climbing and I have to kill
the X-server entirely before I can re-start StarOffice.  Needlesss to say I
don't use StarOffice for email at the moment!

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