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Bret Busby bret at clearsol.iinet.net.au
Wed May 5 23:44:04 WST 1999

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On 5/5/99, 5:11:07 PM, Rob Potter <potter at central.murdoch.edu.au> wrote 
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> Hi Brett

> >What I would like to know, now, apart from everything else, is 
> >it will print on anything other than postscript printers, and, if so,
> >how do we get it to so do?
> >

> I've made StarOffice print to my Epson 600 just by picking an Epson
> postscript printer.  I wasn't doing any colour stuff, but it came out 
> for text.

> My problem is similar to Russ - whenever I send or try to collect mail 
> freeze the entire programme, my CPU usage keeps climbing and I have to 
> the X-server entirely before I can re-start StarOffice.  Needlesss to 
say I
> don't use StarOffice for email at the moment!

> Rob

Hello, Rob.

We tried using an HPIID from the available printers, but the result 
wasn't worth anything much. It didn't print anything, until the next 
print job came along, which was from using lpr at the command line, 
outside xwindows.

It just occurred to me; with you and Russ, how much RAM do you have, 
and what CPU? I am using a Cyrix P150+, with 32MB od EDO RAM, and it 
works my hard drive fairly hard, and sometimes Star Office runs pretty 
slow, and, sometimes it hangs. It appears that I would be much better 
off, spending the $130 for another 32MB of RAM, to take it to 64MB of 
RAM. Perhaps the same could help you both, as well. I don't know; I am 
just guessing.

One thing that I find very annoying, is that, if I have the mouse 
pointer positioned in the text window, when I am doing anything with 
email, the window goes yellow, with what appears to be some kind of 
nuisance context sensitive help, or something, but, if I move the 
mouse up to the blank toolbar area, the problem goes away.

Apart from those problems, and the copy and paste not working properly 
with emails, it is not too bad (I suppose), for emails.

The browser is a bit wonky, sometimes, with clicking on things not 
being very responsive, but it works.

I suppose it's just a bit buggy.

Perhaps what could help us novices with Star Office, would be for one 
of the guru's, who knows Star Office, on the mailing list, to let us 
know that they will be at one of the workshop/problem solving 
meetings, so we can take our boxes, and use their wizardry, to solve 
our problems.

I have just checked the web site, and the meetings for May aren't up 

I assume that a meeting will be held, at Fast Eddy's, on Tuesday of 
next week, the 11th , and that the next workshop kind of meeting, will 
be held on Monday 24th May, in the absence of any news to the 

But, if I understand correctly, the meeting venues, if not the times, 
are being reviewed.

Bret Busby

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