[plug] Distro Wars

Christian christian at global.net.au
Thu May 6 17:08:14 WST 1999

cthart at gbs.com.au wrote:
> Can I / How do I use RPMs on a Debian system?
> Anyone want to outline how they use Alien to do this?
> Where does it install the packages? /usr/local ?

You can use alien to do it but bear in mind that it may not do things
neatly.  This isn't really the fault of alien, more to do with the
different distributions keeping files in different places.  Basically it
will stick the files wherever they would be put if the rpm had been
installed on a Red Hat (or Caldera et al) system.  I only use alien when
there's no other alternative - (eg, Applixware RPMs).

I think you can use the generate option of alien to customise the format
of the package before installing it but I've never tried it...



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