[plug] Star Office and Linux

Tamara Thompson thompson at gate.sunquest.com
Fri May 7 00:01:11 WST 1999

What the hell?  I suggested nuking the guns/no guns/violence issues re Slashdot, and getting back to linux.
You guys are wasting my bandwidth with this nonsense and confusion.  I'm stressed about installing RH on a slow 486/25 box this week, and soon installing 6.0 on a dual boot.  

My post had absolutely nothing to do with Star Office.  Jesus.


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On 5/6/99, 10:11:57 AM, Mike Holland <myk at golden.wattle.id.au> wrote 
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> On Tue, 4 May 1999, Tamara Thompson wrote:

> > Hey, I was wondering if you thought it might be
> > time to call a vote on nuking this topic.?

> You're right. Who cares about Star Office.

A few of us, it seems, if you have been reading the messages.

It is an application that runs on Linux, with which, some of us have 
been problems. Is this not supposed to be a forum, for trying to 
resolve problems with Linux, and its applications?

Bret Busby

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