[plug] Tuesday .... Where etc etc

Anthony J. Breeds-Taurima tony at cantech.net.au
Fri May 7 12:04:33 WST 1999

Hello All,
	Just to be really annoying I fell we should make some form of decision
about the Tuesday meeting.

If you recall Leon, said he would do a PHP3 talk if we could find a suitable
venue for computers ... there were sevral options BUT little or no response


No Talk:
Fast Eddies


Health Dept.
Canning College
Other Mid city venue .... Valhalla's gaming room was abandond 3+ years ago.

Does anyone have an opinion or shall we just opt for a Fast eddies meet and
have the talk at UWA, Leon willin or course.

Primarily I thought we should make some form of decision to we can post it on
the Web site

Yours Tony.

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