[plug] viavoice

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Fri May 7 08:08:42 WST 1999

You needn't buy RH 6.0. I think the relevant URI is

but then again, it could be

Once you've registered there's a tarball (contents are compressed) of 
about 40 000 000 bytes.

There's a feedback form nearby: I objected to the size of the download and 
suggested ftp is more convenient and was given an ftp site to get it.

The tarball contains at least one rpm (I've only got the first 7 Mb so 

There's also a supporting mailing list. I've seen a report of someone 
getting it going on Debian 2.1.

The bad news: It's US-English only.
The good news: You can (unofficially) convert it to UK English by copying 
the data files from any Winders version ov Viavoice.

I've not located a Winders version of VV yet.
John Summerfield
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