[plug] ANNOUNCE: Tuesday will be at Fast Eddies, feature PHP demo

Bret Busby bret at clearsol.iinet.net.au
Mon May 10 11:35:34 WST 1999

Any chance for a repeat performance at a Monday meeting, for those of 
us who can not make it on Tuesday?

Bret Busby

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On 5/9/99, 2:28:07 PM, Leon Brooks <leon at brooks.smileys.net> wrote 
regarding [plug] ANNOUNCE: Tuesday will be at Fast Eddies, feature PHP demo:

> Well, bearing in mind the usual lack of time to finish organising
> things, I dropped in to Fast Eddys today and organised to plug a
> computer in there on Tuesday night for the meeting - BUT:

>     I need a volunteer with a big monitor!

> I have only a 14-inch screen to hand and this will be most 
> 19 inches or better would be good. Please email me immediately, or if
> you don't read this until Tuesday, call me on 0411-655-020. Ta!

> I will demonstrate and to a certain extent explain PHP-3 and what it 
> to with PostGreSQL (or almost any other SQL database backend). This 
> will feature Real Live Data. Be there or possess 4 corners!

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