[plug] ANNOUNCE: Tuesday will be at Fast Eddies, feature PHP demo

Michael Hunt Michael.J.Hunt at usa.net
Mon May 10 15:37:06 WST 1999

> On Mon, 10 May 1999, Michael Hunt wrote:
> > I do concede Greg that I know owe you two beers instead of one !!!
> You do? I didn't notice you owing me one beer, let alone two.
> But I could easily be convinced. :)
> Shame I can't make it to Eddie's tomorrow.

A certain "Bill Goat Gruff incident" refresh your mind ? (I suppose you wont
care after two free beers).  Look I won't be able to make it tomorrow night
either so it appears like they are IOU's at the moment.

> > of his presentation. Maybe "Life experiences and thoughts about Battery
> > Hens" could be the theme Leon *grin*.
> How did I know it would get back to chickens? Are you a scary devil monk
> or is this just coincidence?

No I'm just a poor, hard worked sys admin who has suffered to much EMF
radiation and such like. The chicken connection reminds me of some of those
chicken and the egg type jokes.

> > If it is good enough maybe Fast Eddies will have him as a
> permanent standup
> On the other hand, they might just ask him to sit down. :)

Does that make him a sitdown comic ? Alternatively they might throw him out
in wish case the next meeting will defiantly be at another venue as the
secretary won't be able to make it to the meeting as he has been blackbanned
from fast eddies for "poor humour"

> > !!!
> ???

%%% &&&

> That would be because the list was never created, except in Chris M's mind
> - he suggested it in jest about an unbroken dozen-post spree Leon embarked
> upon one evening. Probably before you subscribed, now that I think of it.
> While Gary never went to such lengths to keep such high-volume traffic off
> plug, the virtual creation of the list was enough to temporarily halt the
> flood. :)

Ah PLUG sentimental history !!!!  (Must go looking back through the mail
archives and see if I can find out some interesting quotes.

Michael Hunt

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