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Michael Hunt Michael.J.Hunt at usa.net
Mon May 10 17:31:27 WST 1999


I am going to give the 6.0 install a burl tonight on my box at home.  I
don't really see a problem in running 6.0 or 5.2 depending on what you have
got, however if you want kde and an updates to the Xfree server (say you
have a newer AGP card like a Matrox G200 that doesn't run with the default
5.2 xfree) then 6.0 is the way to go because the updates are all on the CD.

You can patch 5.2 to the same level but if you are not all that interested
in getting your "hands dirty" go for 6.0 as it is all going to be there for

I'll let you know my findings tomorrow.


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> Hi,
> I've just joined the PLUG mailing list, just wondering:
> Has anybody here tried Red Hat 6.0 with the 2.2.x kernel?
> Is it considered operationally "safe" as opposed to stable version wise?
> Stability is why I'm running, not migrating, from Win 95.
> Have it on order from Sydney, but if it is risky I'll struggle
> trying to get
> 2.2.5 + into RH5.2..
> Any thoughts?
> Garry.

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