[plug] Debian 2.1 slink

Anthony J. Breeds-Taurima tony at cantech.net.au
Wed May 12 16:38:36 WST 1999

On Wed, 12 May 1999, Michael Hunt wrote:

> I think the idea here is that if you sit behind a squid box then the pages
> are likely not to be cached dur to the following in the squid.conf file:

> #hierarchy_stoplist cgi-bin ?

.... This tag only tells you squid to NOT query any parent/sibling caches and
go direct to the source for the information .....

#  TAG: cache_stoplist
#       A list of words which, if found in a URL, cause the object to
#       immediately removed from the cache.  In other words, use this
#       to force certain objects to never be cached.  You may list this
#       option multiple times.
#       The default is to not cache URLs containing 'cgi-bin' or '?'.
cache_stoplist cgi-bin ? 
Is the tag that tells the cache NOT the "cache the object" ....

Just to be nit picky ..... BUT the point still remains that some pages should
be cacheable and therfore should avoid CGI "type" url's.  So that cache admin's
can do the right thing by everyone ....

I'm sure you could hve one php/cgi/perl script that looks at it's "name and
sources an appropriate file.  You could the create a symlinkn to that file
with multiple names and get multiple content AND still cache the object ....


$fname = $0;
$fname =~ s/.html$/.infile$/;

open (DATA, "$fname") || do {some error code};

while (<DATA>)
close DATA;
ln -s src.pl fred1.html 
ln -s src.pl fred2.html 
ln -s src.pl fred3.html 
ln -s src.pl fred4.html 

etc etc etc ... I haven't tried the above it was just an idea .... :)

Yours Tony.

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