[plug]New RH6 install Poblems with ppp

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Thu May 13 04:58:18 WST 1999

> Mark Saxon wrote:
> > 
> > Could do with some help on problem with PPP in RH6.
> > 
> > following comes from tail -f /var/log/messages
> > or at least what appears to be the relevent bit.
> > 
> > localhost modprobe: can't locate module ppp. Compress-21
> > localhost modprobe: can't locate module ppp. Compress-26
> > localhost modprobe: can't locate module ppp. Compress-24
> > 
> > every thing else seems to go okay makes conection and can ping ISP server
> > okay just can't use browser or ftp.  Has anyone got any clues
> > as to where I should look for the problem?
> I get this on my Debian 1.3 box with 2.2.4 installed and I can browse and ftp
>  fine.
> I'd suggest (however ignorantly) that you look somewhere else.
> These messages come up EVERY time a ppp connection is made for me.
> I just ignore them now as they seem to not worry anything (good grammar that)

They started appearing here when I read the man page for pppd and chose 
all the compression options I could find. Initially I blamed the other end 
(OS/2) when I couldn't see compression working.

I'm running kernel 2.2.6 on RH5.0.

btw I've just got mail: I have a 2.2.8 kernel ready to install.

John Summerfield
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