[plug] Modem troubles

Bradley Browne brad at argo.net.au
Thu May 13 14:16:28 WST 1999

I have a modem problem.
It is only a little problem but it is awfully annoying.

When I use my modem I have to unplug the wall socket and then plug it
back in to get a dial tone.  It seems that the modem is not hanging up
properly and so I cannot terminate a call to start a new one.  This is
not a problem at the moment but I would like to set up my machine to
dial my ISP and do stuff when I am not there but it will not be able to
(unless i can get it to pull the plug and put it back in ... I don't
have that much time/knowledge/money)

I never used to have this problem when I had an external modem, which I
use at work now, and i fear it may be a problem with this internal
modem.  I can't complain though as it was given to me I suppose.

Any Ideas ?

Sorry about the rambling I am sick ( and seeking sympathy :-P  )


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