[plug] unsubscribe

Michael Hunt Michael.J.Hunt at usa.net
Sun May 16 10:06:29 WST 1999

> > I think putting unsubscribe information at the bottom of each message is
> > just a waste of bandwidth though, because in my opinion nobody
> ever reads
> > those, just like they never read the original message they received when
> > they first subscribed.
> Well, we only need one counter example.
> I always read the subscribe/unsubscribe info when I want to use it, and
> often at other times.
> I do like the one liner,: to unsubscribe: unsubscribe | mail
> unsubscribe-address at unsubscribe.host
> The cont in bandwidth is less than the cost of many of the
> useless headers
> (and sigs) people use.

And a really good message can also state the location of the web page and
the list FAQ which can stop the same old questions being asked over and over
again. an example like this maybe:

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