[plug] unsubscribe

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Sun May 16 07:03:38 WST 1999

> I think putting unsubscribe information at the bottom of each message is
> just a waste of bandwidth though, because in my opinion nobody ever reads
> those, just like they never read the original message they received when
> they first subscribed.

Well, we only need one counter example.

I always read the subscribe/unsubscribe info when I want to use it, and 
often at other times.
I do like the one liner,: to unsubscribe: unsubscribe | mail 
unsubscribe-address at unsubscribe.host

The cont in bandwidth is less than the cost of many of the useless headers 
(and sigs) people use.

John Summerfield
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