[plug] Mail and IMAP server questions.

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Thu May 20 05:39:05 WST 1999

> Hi ya all,
> It seems to have been quiet here on the list lately ... Is everyone been
> blown away by Leon's demonstration of PHP and now busily working on "Real
> Live Data" using this software ???
> A couple of questions regarding mail setup.
> What preference do people have for different MTA's (i.e. sendmail, qmail
> etc.) I am wanting to do a home mail server and In the past have used a pop
> server by the name of Post Office (from software.com) that is very easy to
> work with. It is NT based so I was looking fro some opinions on sendmail
> (the art of black magic ???) configuration in comparison to qmail. My
> finding so far are that sendmail configuration looks quite involved and that
> it is not highly regarded as secure, easy to use or fast (well that was
> going by the opinion of the Mail Howto). However the default config with
> RedHat 6.0 just needed some minor changes to suit my situation to get it
> running. Some opinions on  qmail would be interesting in this instance
> (distro war now becomes which MTA is better. While we are on the subject
> maybe some opinions on editors !!!)

I've decided sendmail with the m3 macroes isn't all that bad and it's what 
I'm using. If you have it working satisfactorily, why subject yourself to 
the hassle of learning an alternaive (unless you WANT to learn the 
alternative, but presumambly then yoou'd not be asking_.

> Secondly does anyone have some doco/info/tips/steps to setting up IMAP on
> the above box. I checked that the entries in /etc/services existed (they
> did) and that the comments in front imap and pop where removed from
> /etc/inentd.conf. A restart and I could telnet to the port and connect with
> Outlook and also create folders but I can't delete them. (Error message
> about some process already having them in use). Have I made some errors in
> my config ?? Any help/pointers would be appreciated.

I'm using cucipop (POP3)  as I see no benefit to me in using an IMAP 
service. At home, my personal mail is sorted by procmail into mh folders. 
Daughters and wife use netscape on Linux to read from the POP3 service..
John Summerfield
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