[plug] Mail and IMAP server questions.

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Thu May 20 21:46:11 WST 1999

> John Summerfield wrote:
> > I'm using cucipop (POP3)  as I see no benefit to me in using an IMAP
> > service. At home, my personal mail is sorted by procmail into mh folders.
> > Daughters and wife use netscape on Linux to read from the POP3 service..
> It depends on your setup... if you have more than one machine then IMAP
> is good because it means that your "users" can log in from any machine
> and still have access to all their mail regardless.  Especially if the
> machines dual-boot Windows and Linux then this is a huge advantage.  (or
> does the setup you describe do this also in which case why not use IMAP
> which was designed for the purpose?)

IMAP was insecure betaware when I set it up. Home directories are shared 
with NFS and Samba for those times when someone runs OS/2 or Winders. 
Nobody here uses anything other than Linux for mail though.

> Another handy thing is the mod_roaming module for Apache which allows
> your users to store their settings (mail filters, address book,
> preferences, etc.) on a web server somewhere and download them for each
> session.  I've installed this but haven't got it to authenticate
> properly yet.  If anyone's cluey with Apache and/or mod_roaming then
> please feel free to make suggestions...

The entire LAN's in one room. roaming means playing musical chairs (and 

When daughter gets tired of sneakernet and we drill holes in walls to wire 
her into the LAN, she will only want here mail in one place: on her 
computer. When/if that occurs, we'll probably use fetchmail and start it 
on boot.

John Summerfield
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