[plug] Star Office 5.1

Kenworthy Family billk at opera.iinet.net.au
Mon May 24 09:37:56 WST 1999

Downloaded and installed Staroffice 5.1 :
first impressions are that its a little faster, dialog box's look a little
more polished/look better/work better - especially the file open which was
a bit painful before.  Still to check if the colour print of inserted
images has been fixed which broke (for me) between 5.0 and 5.01 and
whether the import filters are really better, not just said to better!

* install went a treat on rh5.2 (2.0.36 - rebuilt as P2)

Bret Busby wrote:

> For anyone interested, I have just visited the Star Division web site
> http://www.stardivision.com, and it appears that, in the last week,
> they have released Star Office 5.1. That is NOT the version that uses
> the file so501.tar (or whatever), and installs as Star Office 5.0. Or,
> at least, I hope it really is version 5.1, from what is on their web
> site. What changes are made, I think, is up to the interpretation of
> visitors to the web site, without seeing version 5.1.
> The web site still appears to be inaccessible to Star Office 5.0
> users, or, difficult to use, by its use of JavaScript.
> My Star Office 5.0 browser died, so I have been using Netscape,which
> has JavaScript capability. I can't find how to repair the installation
> of Star Office, but, no doubt, sometime, it will happen...
> Bret Busby

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