[plug] SCSI and Dual CPU's ...

Peter Robinson ribbo at iinet.net.au
Wed May 26 12:14:16 WST 1999

On Wed, 26 May 1999, Trevor Phillips wrote:

> Hmmm. I'm looking at upgrading soon (aren't I always?? Well, sooner than
> last time this time!) and I'm still kicking around the idea of a
> Dual-CPU system. I've sort of resigned myself to the fact I'll get a
> Slot 1 system...
> Can anyone reccommend one or more good Dual CPU Slot-1 boards?? Pref.
> one that can work with one CPU (ie; get one now, upgrade with another
> the same later...)
> Another issue is SCSI: I REALLY need to get me a decent SCSI card (the
> old Adaptec ISA card is, well, old and slow ^_^). Is it worth getting a
> board with built-in SCSI? (And if so, any reccommendations? Single
> and/or Dual)
> Any ideas, anecdotes, etc, would be most appreciated...

I would recommend the ASUS P2B-D or P2B-DS for built in adaptec 2940U2W


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