RS/6000 (Was [plug] SCO?)

Anthony J. Breeds-Taurima tony at
Wed May 26 14:45:28 WST 1999

On Wed, 26 May 1999, Nigel Duff wrote:

>  On a similar note. I have 3 old rs/6000 sitting here that i've been
> meaning to do something with. They came without drives, but i've been
> given a couple of old Intergrapgh machines with scsi drives in them. Does
> anyone know if i am able to get a cheap OS for them. I'm not even sure
> what they're meant to take. Irix?

AIX .... I've been trying to get a "cheap" copy from IBM for about 9 months
now .... The closest I've gotten is .... "Buy a cd-unit for $1500 and I'll
give you a copy for AIX 4.1??" ... I haven't had time to play with it BUT I
think it should take a nornal SCSI-II CD-unit ...

Yours Tony.

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