[plug] Debian hamm --> slink upgrade tip

Denis Brown dsbrown at cyllene.uwa.edu.au
Thu May 27 13:23:08 WST 1999

Just in case anyone else is using Debian hamm release and intends to
upgrade to slink, you might want to watch out for the following wrinkle and
maybe save yourself some time...

After the upgrade, which to all intents and purposes seemed to go fine off
ftp.uwa, I was left without any telnet capability.  That is, could not
telnet into the Debian box, nor could I telnet from it to another system.
Pinging the Debian box worked fine.  During the upgrade which was performed
using apt-get, I selected all default answers except about LILO (which
needed tweaking to get my system to run originally,) mindful of the
warnings I'd seen posted here about using elderly config files in later
versions of software.

Re-mounted the uwa ftp server and used dselect to discover that the net
package hadn't been installed during the upgrade, so went ahead and
installed it.  Now can telnet from the Debian to another system but still
can't telnet into it (telnetd probably has a config file to be tickled.)
The strange point about this, and the reason I mention it here, is that I
had imagined that the original configuration (daemons, services, etc) would
have been at least retained, if not enhanced.  So "caveat emptor" if moving
between versions, it seems.

I suspect that the antagonism towards incoming telnet connections has to do
with the /etc/hosts.allow and hosts.deny files which I'll check on now.  If
someone's already been this route and has another idea, I'd be grateful
since it'd save me some time.


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