[plug] Apache non-ip virtual hosting

Michael Hunt Michael.J.Hunt at usa.net
Mon May 31 10:26:38 WST 1999


Logs from our webserver indicate that over 80% of our clients were using
Internet Explorer 4. other browsers include Netscape 4.0 around 15%. Lynx
had about 2% I think.

We have been using virtual ips for about 18 months (well as long as we have
had the web server running) and she works a charm.

However it is running on an NT box so don't ask me for Apache support *grin*

<Side Note>

Do you have a copy of VMWare on CD in your office ?


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> On Sun, 30 May 1999, Garth Atkinson wrote:
> > I will probably have to use convential ip-aliasing and ip
> virtual hosting
> > as a result of the http 1.1 requirement. I just checked the access logs
> > for a low profile apache server and saw about %20 of the traffic seemed
> > to come from browsers using http 1.0.
> Many browsers say "GET / HTTP/1.0" even though they do support that
> particular part of the 1.1 protocol, so that's a bad indication.
> What you should look for, is if they send the Host: header (which apache
> uses to find out what hostname the request was directed at)
> I've been using non-ip virtual hosts for over 100 domains for over a year
> now, and have not had a single complaint that someone got our homepage
> rather than the page they were really looking for.
>  - Matt

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