[plug] NFS trouble "no export entry" for root fs.

Mike Holland myk at golden.wattle.id.au
Mon May 31 13:17:41 WST 1999

On Sun, 30 May 1999, David Campbell wrote:

> running "exportfs" as root with a few options. One of the options 
> should list the exports as the NFS daemon understands.

David, thanks - I'm getting closer. /etc/exports includes:

/               donau(rw,no_root_squash)
/var/spool/mail donau(rw,no_root_squash)

   "exportfs -a" gives: "donau:/: Invalid argument".

After some experimenting it seems that I cant export a sub-dir on the same
fs to the same client. But the man page says otherwise:

       Unlike other NFS server implementations, this nfsd  allows
       you  to export both a directory and a subdirectory thereof
       to the same host, 

Maybe its just a case of wrong documentation, and poor error messages ???
'strace' shows that the error comes from a sytem call it doesnt know:

SYS_169(0x3, 0xbfffe884, 0, 0xbffff098, 0x804c36e) = -1 EINVAL

Presumably, this is the 'export' system call. Where would it be

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