[plug] happy april fools' day (-:

Leon Brooks leon at brooks.smileys.net
Sun Apr 2 02:07:32 WST 2000

* Times of India announced the Russian military banning Microsoft

* Freshmeat rolled, deadpan, an announcement for Windows 2000

* Slashdot started posting articles in pig latin, spanish, l33t h0x0r3s3
and maybe esperanto?

* Salon runs an article on "Why I left free software for Microsoft"
(under the department "Sex and Technology... rub here to get the
plug-in") and another article "How Bill Gates and Richard Mellon Scaife
used large, firm breasts to destroy Linux!"

* Google announces MentalPlex: stare at the whirligig and think about
what you want to search for

Hasn't the Web been rather... strange... lately? (-:

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