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Chris Griffin chrisg at doladns.dola.wa.gov.au
Mon Apr 3 13:15:19 WST 2000

I have just put a new RedHat 6.1 based DNS into service.

When I set this system up it had a cdrom drive on it. Last thing before 
putting it into service I shut it down, removed the cdrom and started it 
up. During startup it noticed that I had removed the drive and asked if I 
want to remove it from the config. I said NO just in case I wanted to put 
it back on for some reason. Trouble is I am getting hundreds of the 
following messages in the syslog:

Mar 31 08:07:36 doladns kernel: VFS: Disk change detected on device ide1(22,64)

To try to remove this message I just did a quick reboot (nobody noticed a 
quick reboot), thinking it would give me the choice to remove it again. No go.

How can I remove this cdrom drive from the config manually? Short of 
shutting down, installing cdrom, booting, shutting down, removing cdrom and 
booting again to get this option. Any ideas appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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