[plug] Leeenix/BSD On a SPARC 2

navarre at omen.net.au navarre at omen.net.au
Wed Apr 5 16:27:59 WST 2000

Hello Dave

I have experience at upgrading a Sun Sparc IPC from what it was running to 
Debian Linux using the boot floppy images for base configuration and
ftp the rest of the required .deb files to configure as wanted. 

I have downloaded the whole of Debian's /sparc-binary archive for release
Woody but as yet not written it to CD's. There is about 1.1 Gig of files
and I have not looked at what files/ directories should be put on the 
first cd.

Email me if what I have is what you need.


> Hey all,
> I have a SPARCstation 2 with 64 Meg of RAM and a 1 Gig HDD that run's Solaris 2.5 ATM, it has a AUI 10Base2 (Coax) tranceiver and is based around the Sun4c archecture, It has a SPARC floppy but no cd-rom drive.
> The fact that it run's Solaris 2.5 suck's and I'm going to put either the SPARC port's of Debian 2.1r3/4 (slink) or NetBSD 1.4.1 onto it and turn it into my router and main server.
> Do any of you guy's (preferabley in the northern suburb's, but hey, I'm desperate) have an external SCSI CD-ROM drive that work's on SPARC's? IE, it read's in 512 byte chunk's that could be lent to me for a day or so while I installed whatever the hell I'm going to install on it? 
> Also, if you have CD's/CD-R's of either NetBSD, Debian or OpenBSD (or anything similar, Solaris 7 etc.) for SPARC could you please gimme a mail. :D
> Thanks for your help.
> -Dave 
> PS, Hey Mr (Paul) Baumgarten, that is if you still reply to the PLUG mailing list and wa.plug during school hours, and when I tried to trick you into admitting it you pretended you couldn't here me, ha! :)
> Regards
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