[plug] syslogd question

Anthony J. Breeds-Taurima tony at cantech.net.au
Thu Apr 6 10:27:20 WST 2000

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Chris Griffin wrote:

> I have been trying to set this up and the config of the router end works fine.
> I have discovered that by default messages issued by the router are using 
> "local7". This being so, I have configured syslog.conf for this, but I 
> never get any data being put into the appropriate file. Tracing the data 
> shows that it is going from the router to the Linux box. I checked the doco 
> on sysklogd (Ver 1.3.31) and it does say "* syslogd has better handling of 
> remote logging capabilities.".
> Any ideas eg. should I go for syslogd (if so where can I find a version as 
> I am looking for it and as yet, no can find)?

.... have you dstarted syslog with "-r" 
       -r     This option will enable  the  facility  to  receive
              message  from  the network using an internet domain
              socket with the syslog service  (see  services(5)).
              The default is to not receive any messages from the

              This option is introduced in  version  1.3  of  the
              sysklogd  package.  Please  note  that  the default
              behavior is the  opposite  of  how  older  versions
              behave, so you might have to turn this on.

Yours Tony.

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