[plug] adduser for email only

David Griffiths griffith at environ.wa.gov.au
Fri Apr 7 10:20:46 WST 2000

>adduser -s /bin/false freddofrog
>Where freddofrog is the name of the account.
>Then if the user can't login via most utils BUT pop3/imap will work
This is often a sufficient solution, but be a bit cautious with the above
soln by itself if security is paramount.

If the users have access to the console,  sometimes it's possible to get
access to a shell via the console if the login is X based even with a
default shell of /bin/false. It's certainly possible with some versions of
IRIX 6.2, and may be possible with linux too.

If that is not a problem then you might also consider using /usr/bin/passwd
as the default shell in place of /bin/false, allowing users to change their
POP passwds with telnet.




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