Overclocking & CPU Heat Re: [plug] My Rave for the day

Matt Kemner zombie at wasp.net.au
Fri Apr 7 13:42:02 WST 2000

> Interesting, Win95 would not run on the O/C Machine, where as 
> I never get so much as a SIG11 or BusFault out of Linux..

Even after running CPU intensive apps for a long time?

Linux calls the halt instruction on CPUs when they are not being used,
whereas windows just makes the CPU run an idle loop. Compare CPU
temperatures (on a system with CPU temp sensors) to see what I mean.
My CPUs run at ~35 degrees under Linux but ~45 or higher under windows.

My G/F complained because our home computer kept crashing under windows,
whereas I achieved uptimes of weeks under linux. Almost managed to convert
her to the light side as a result, because she was forced to run nothing
but linux. Alas, I failed when I found, and fixed the problem - the cpu
fan had stopped spinning.. However under Linux it wasn't generating enough
heat to cause a problem.

btw the system was a K5/166 at the time

 - Matt

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