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Anthony J. Breeds-Taurima tony at cantech.net.au
Mon Apr 10 08:25:40 WST 2000

On Sun, 9 Apr 2000, Leon Brooks wrote:

> Will be heading off up north on Wednesday for a couple of weeks, and
> won't be able to make the 2nd-tuesday meeting due to being frantically
> busy, although (weather permitting) should be back for 4th-monday.
> Tony, what will I be missing? Now would be a good time for a
> meeting-reminder post.

Subtle Leon .... Real subtle :)

This Tuesday's meeting will be an installation of RedHat 6.2 .... nothing
fancy, no indepth look at correct filsystem/partioning.  Just a look at
anaconda (the GUI install)  and what comes in 6.2

It's mainly aimed at people that want to know what RedHat looks like now
without trashing thier machine.

Orders will be taken for CD's Please supply your own blank on the night and
$5 to cover time/burner costs. You'll be able to collect you CD at the next
tuesday meeting.

Yours Tony.

 * "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the 
 * same level of thinking we were at when we created them."
 * --Albert Einstein

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