apologies in advance

Daniel Pearson gpearson at iinet.net.au
Mon Apr 10 11:55:33 WST 2000

Hi there, I'm unable to make the meeting, so will anyone around Canning Vale
be getting a copy? Because if they are I'd like to borrow it off them for
about 30 mins to 1 hour to make a copy for myself. I have installed 6.0, and
it didn't have support for my video card (voodoo banshee 16mb agp), so I
have decided to just do a clean install with 6.2

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> On Sun, 9 Apr 2000, Leon Brooks wrote:
> > Will be heading off up north on Wednesday for a couple of weeks, and
> > won't be able to make the 2nd-tuesday meeting due to being frantically
> > busy, although (weather permitting) should be back for 4th-monday.
> >
> > Tony, what will I be missing? Now would be a good time for a
> > meeting-reminder post.
> Subtle Leon .... Real subtle :)
> This Tuesday's meeting will be an installation of RedHat 6.2 .... nothing
> fancy, no indepth look at correct filsystem/partioning.  Just a look at
> anaconda (the GUI install)  and what comes in 6.2
> It's mainly aimed at people that want to know what RedHat looks like now
> without trashing thier machine.
> Orders will be taken for CD's Please supply your own blank on the night
> $5 to cover time/burner costs. You'll be able to collect you CD at the
> tuesday meeting.
> Yours Tony.
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