Overclocking & CPU Heat Re: [plug] My Rave for the day

Brad Campbell brad at seme.com.au
Mon Apr 10 10:50:04 WST 2000

Matt Kemner wrote:
> > Interesting, Win95 would not run on the O/C Machine, where as
> > I never get so much as a SIG11 or BusFault out of Linux..
> Even after running CPU intensive apps for a long time?

I regularly run rc5des client in the background for 60 days or so at a 
time, plus the usuall stuff.. The machine has a minimum load avg of 1.
> Linux calls the halt instruction on CPUs when they are not being used,
> whereas windows just makes the CPU run an idle loop. Compare CPU
> temperatures (on a system with CPU temp sensors) to see what I mean.
> My CPUs run at ~35 degrees under Linux but ~45 or higher under windows.

Yeah, my laptop gets 3 hrs under windows and 5 hrs under linux (7 if the
screen is turned off, ideal for listening to mp3's on an aircraft..)

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