[plug] Advice needed

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Mon Apr 10 13:20:57 WST 2000

> Any clues?

If you make your own binary tree and configure/compile with
--prefix=/your/tree, all you need to do is make sure /your/tree/bin is
before all the system directories in your PATH.

I keep everything in /store, and use Store
<URL:http://www.pvv.org/~arnej/store/storedoc.html> to keep track of
the packages.  With a few add-ons, it compiles and configures
automatically. :-)

It even handles multiple platforms.  I really like the feature of
parallell compiling for both Irix, Solaris, HP/UX and Linux with one
command.  For this you need the 'build-all' Store application:-)
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