[plug] Mail server query

Bret Busby bret at clearsol.iinet.net.au
Sat Apr 15 01:54:59 WST 2000

We have a LAN, with 3-4 computers connected to a firewall/gateway
computer, that goes out to the ISP.

We use a dialup connection, via a modem.

The firewall/gateway runs Red Hat Linux 6.0. The other computers run
Win95, Win98, WinNT, Red Hat Linux 5.2, and Red Hat Linux 6.0, at
various times. I use Netscape Messenger for my email application, and my
boss(!) prefers to use outlook.

At present, I download all the email, and it stays on my computer.
Incoming emails number up to around 50-100 per day, on average.

We want to set the firewall/gateway computer up to also act as a mail

We would be able to send mail out, independently of a mail server
application, from what I understand, using the mail server setting in
the email applications for reading and writing emails, and therefore, do
not need a mail server application to deal with outgoing emails.

What we need, is for emails to be got from the ISP's mail server, a POP
server, downloaded to our LAN, and distributed within our LAN, along
with local emails within the LAN, using aliases to determine which user
receives which emails.

>From what I understand, sendmail is a sorcery utility, qmail is better,
and apparently faster, and, postfix is simpler than both, and would
adequately manage our requirements.

I am not sure whether we would need to use fetchmail in addition to
postfix. Could someone please advise regarding that.In having a look at
the documentation on the postfix.mirror.aarnet.edu.au website, I am
under the impression that postfix does the downloading and distributing
and everything.

However, from memory, I understand that we also need a POP server
application (or, using an IMAP application has been mentioned). My
understanding of the difference between IMAP and POP mail servers, is
that the email stays on an IMAP server, and is downloaded from a POP

I have heard mention of cucipop, and I have had a look at the
information on the freashmeat site, which lists many POP sever
applications, and states that the cucipop licence is "free but
restricted". Could someone please clarify that?

Also, on the Tucows site, are many POP server applications, including
one named IMAP Server, which is both IMAP and POP, apparently. The
licence on that, instead of being GPL, is BSD. What is the difference?

And, which POP server application is the best one to use for these
conditions, if one is necessary to use with postfix?

If this sounds familiar, I believe that I have posted a similar query,
with some of the information, but not all of the information, before.

Bret Busby

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