[plug] Compiling

Scott, Simon Simon.Scott at SEALCORP.com.au
Mon Apr 17 09:31:39 WST 2000

The correct sequence is 

		make mrproper (altho I dont think this does alot)
		make clean
		make xconfig (altho I use make menuconfig, xconfig sometimes
misses options)
		make dep
		make bzImage (or zImage etc there are a few)
		make modules
		at this point I rename my /lib/modules/2.2blah modules
directory, to make way for the new one... I may be wrong with this, but if I
dont I get lots of problems at boot due to the stale modules lying around)
		make modules_install (will create the /lib/modules/2.2blah
directory for you)

by doing make clean where you are, I believe you are probably wiping out the
dependency info it has built. Thus the kernel probably isnt building, thus
error 1

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Good question. 
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Using  an existing Kernel I moved to  /usr/src/linux  and typed:

*  make  mrproper
* make  xconfig
* make dep
* make clean
* make zImage
* make modules
* make modules-install

and then moved to :  /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot
to find no zImage , and a search also finding that it had not gone
anywhere else,
a scan of the text in the terminal showed a message:   make: ***
[vmlinux] error 1

Can any one help me with the error message ??

mmmmmm ................cant think of anything smart.

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