[plug] Non Magic or Linux question

Scott, Simon Simon.Scott at SEALCORP.com.au
Mon Apr 17 09:37:06 WST 2000

I thought a .ico was just an icon bitmap? Or maybe after a couple of years
of linux my winblows skills have fallen on the floor... bout bloody time too

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4.31 How many times can you re-use CD-RW before they become faulty? 
Good question. 
(Linux CD-Writing HOWTO,

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Hi all I have a small prob that someone may have the answer to
files on my comp Win98
that end in *.ICO have somehow been associated to always open with
I need to know what program is normally used to open a ICO file I know
the codeing is embedded in the ICO to tell it what program to open but
there must be another program to read and execute the ICO script or
Thank you

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