[plug] Debian Trap for the unaware

Brad Campbell brad at seme.com.au
Mon Apr 17 14:54:57 WST 2000

Afternoon all,
a quick one, to save any of you that might get caught..
Just set up a new box, using debian slink (2.1)
to save time I put the drive in my potato machine, and
fdisk'd and mke2fs's it there..
mount in slink, would not recognise the partition I
created with mke2fs from potato..!?!?

Potato had no problems mounting the drive, and after
mke2fs from slink was run on it, neither had any
problems mounting it...

I have not gone into it further, but something is a bit

I sometimes put drives into my potato box, just to
duplicate them, and in this case I was duplicating a 
slink system with a potato box.
The only problem was, when I booted the slink box up
it could not find the partitions..

Also, had a power failure on sunday while writing to
a 25Gig drive.. after 2hrs of e2fsck, my lost+found dir
is loaded with 42 Gb files with random attributes..

Can anyone point me to a faq explaing the why's and 
wherefores of the lost+found dir on an ext2 partition?

Thanks in Advance..

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