[plug] SendMail please help

Robert Andrews squirrel at emerge.net.au
Wed Apr 19 00:07:39 WST 2000

okay i have only tried to configure sendmail via thWebmin application
the squirrel-gw.kal.emerge.net.au
was supplied by my service provider I might add that they are not charging me
anything to have this so i might be stuck with that for the moment.
I also have only 1 permanet ip no
my domain name was set to linux and i had squirrel-gw.kal.emerge.net.au set as an
I then changed my domain name to squirrel-gw.kal.emerge.net.au it made no difference

I just checked my email on my linux box and somebody
has sent me a email from test at golden.wattle.id.au
i have replied to this so something must be working
i havent been able to remotely send  me a email
I must be missing something
probably some brains.

Mike Holland wrote:

> On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Robert Andrews wrote:
> > Hi all im trying to set up Sendmail
> > When i try to send a email to a Linux user on my linux box via my isp server I
> Why send via your ISP _and_ setup local sendmail?
> Do you really want your address to be @squirrel-gw.kal.emerge.net.au ?
> First you'll need a domain and a DNS server.
> Basically, your sendmail chokes on the squirrel-gw domain. Have you
> set that as your hostname? What have you done so far to sendmail config?
> Please give more info.
> > get a returned Mail a copy is supplied below can somebody figure out what I
> > have set up incorrectly in Sendmail
> Without seeing the config? Are we telepathic?
> > I have a gateway address with a permanet ip no
> > also I have no idea as to what settings i should place in my browser
> >
> > These are my normal mail settings for my isp
> > i.e Incomeing Mail (pop3) = pop.emerge.net.au
> >      Outgoing Mail (smtp0  = relay.emerge.net.au
> That means your browser is sending and receiving directly from the ISP.
> Why on earth do you want sendmail then?
> > I can see nowhere in the help files where to name or setup these servers in
> > Sendmail
> Sendmail can be very complex. What have you read?
> > > <<< 554 rewrite: excessive recursion (max 50), ruleset 3
> This is coming directly from your sendmail.
> Mike Holland  <mike at golden.wattle.id.au>
>                           --==--

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