[plug] Sendmail relay authentication

Michael Hunt Michael.J.Hunt at usa.net
Wed Apr 19 05:24:01 WST 2000

> G'day... everyone on holidays?  the list has been fairly quiet.
> I have a bit of a sendmail relaying question for everyone

Not here !!!!  This may be a different slant on your problem but have you
considered giving staff access to a web based mail client like twig ???  The
twig files use localhost in there sending, so when twig receives it on the
box it sends it to the localhost IP address and the mail is relayed
regardless of where they are checking the site form. Authentication issues
are solved because you log on ion order to read your mail anyhow.

Different look at the problem but you may have other reasons to stay with a
pop3 client like Outlook.

Michael Hunt

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