[plug] shell reading/KDE on login

Larry O'Reilly lor at ecoli.microbiol.uwa.edu.au
Wed Apr 19 10:44:23 WST 2000

I have just installed RH 6.0 after using RH 5.1 and am using the KDE
desktop but can not get ~/.tschrc (or ~/.cshrc, ~/.bashrc) read on login
(aliases are not read etc). This applies to all users.

/etc/passwd has the shell listed and the following error occurs

"kdepath=/usr/bin:command not found
 kdepath:undefined variable"

After starting X, windows in KDE show the shell rc files have been read
(aliases now operate)

Also is there a single command (for each) to show what the current shell is
and what the current path is?

Help or direction pointing will be appreciated.

Larry O'Reilly

Department of Microbiology
University of Western Australia

Tel  61 8 9346 2056
Fax  61 8 9346 4519

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